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We are tweaking our site and upgrade the features of our project. The site will be offline from time to time till the final launch in end of July 2019!

„If you buy online, you should also obtain justice online!“

Iudica is a virtual arbitration court for cryptocurrencies, ICO and e-commerce. Legal disputes which arose in virtual space are also solved in virtual space by this court. In spite of virtual proceedings, judgments through Iudica are in no way inferior to those by national courts, and are internationally executable with national support in 146 countries.


„Be your own lawyer!“

Iudica helps you to assert your rights:

  • No lawyer needed
  • No media break, existing data can be used directly from accounting, CRM, or similar.
  • Provisions and laws are optimized for the layperson.

„Obtain your rights cost-effectively!“

Iudica helps to save costs:

  • No lawyer fees
  • No costs/loss of earnings for travel and appearance in person
  • Costs are less than fees charged by national courts.


„Receive your judgment at the push of a button…“

Iudica is faster:

  • No postal delivery delays
  • No appointments for oral hearings
  • Partially automated proceedings speed up the decision finding process

We revise our service for you, stay tuned!
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