Financing – Class Action Token early bird

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Class Action Tokens: Profit sharing on the savedroid recourse process

simple, tokenized participation
profit of up to 4 times the investment (depending on the outcome of the case and the participation of the community
token can be sold/ transferred at any time after issue.

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Process financer early bird:
You buy Class Action Tokens. In doing so, you are financing the purchase of investors’ recourse claims. In case of success, Iudica buys these tokens back later at a fixed exchange rate and so the net profit goes back to the financiers.

Unserer Prognose nach ist eine 400% Rendite nach Abschluss der Klage möglich. According to our prognosis, a 400% return is possible after completing the lawsuit.

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  • Factoring

    incl. VAT


    Abtretung der Regressansprüche gegen savedroid.

    besonders einfach
    kein weiteres Invest nötig (vorbehaltl. Schutzgebühr)
    garantierte Auslöse von 10% des ursprünglichen Invests (Das entspricht aktuell dem 5,5fachen Marktwert der SVD-Token (0,1 EUR pro 100 SVD) ohne Boni.

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